Hi friends,

I am kamal kakkar and this is my first blog. I want to make this blog wonderful and full of linux technical expertise’s  The motivation behind me is to share the best practices & experiences which are occurred while working. In Sanskrit there’s a saying “GYANAM VITREN VARDHANTI” which precisely means “KNOWLEDGE INCREASES BY SHARING”. Hence the motivation behind this blog is to understand, learn and share the virtual paths to Tech Front.

What you will see in this blog?

All about errors and their solutions so that you no need to scratch your head on what went wrong in creating this error?

Can any one contribute to this site?
Yes, All are welcome. A person in this world will never come across all the problems faced by other users. So it should be corroborated way rather than one man army.

Kamal Kakkar

I have never turned back in my life and I shall not to do so.

“Geek By Nature.. LINUX By Choice”


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